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The search for a lawyer is almost always based on the client’s specific legal need. Different legal needs are typically separated into practice areas, meaning specialized lawyers can handle them. 

The Types of Lawyers

This guide will help people identify the various types of lawyers who can help them with their legal problems. It will also discuss the types of issues that they can resolve.

  1. Personal Injury

If you have ever seen a television advertisement, you know that a personal injury lawyer is often involved in fighting for the rights of injured victims. These types of lawyers are significant for people interested in accidents.

An attorney for personal injury can use the facts and law to prove that the other person’s actions were responsible for the injuries they sustained. They can then negotiate a settlement offer for the compensation they are entitled to.

Although car accidents are the most common reason people need a personal injury lawyer, they can also help victims of other types of accidents. According to the CDC, over 92 million visits to doctor’s offices were made due to injuries in 2015. Many of these injuries were caused by the negligence or legal wrongdoing of the other person. This explains why personal injury lawyers are essential in helping injured victims.

  1. Real Estate Attorney

A real estate attorney can help individuals resolve real estate-related issues. This type of lawyer will be necessary for most people when they buy or sell a property. In some states, a real estate transaction must be closed by a lawyer.

Besides buying and selling real estate, a real estate attorney can also handle other legal issues related to the property. These include disputes related to sharing family assets, appraisals, and foreclosures. 

  1. Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy attorney can help individuals and companies navigate the various steps in filing for bankruptcy. Since the procedures and rules for filing for bankruptcy are regulated by federal law, it can be hard to prepare and learn how to file. Having the proper legal counsel can make the process easier.

With the help of a bankruptcy attorney, people can determine which chapter of bankruptcy is most appropriate for their situation. Various advantages and disadvantages are associated with filing for bankruptcy under different federal laws. Proper legal counsel can also help people discharge their debts more quickly. 

  1. Intellectual Property Lawyer

If you are a passionate fan of movies, television shows, or video games, then you know how important intellectual property law is. This practice area protects the rights of individuals and companies to their ideas and creations.

This practice area includes the protection of trademarks, such as the “golden arches” of McDonald’s. Also, copyright law covers the rights of individuals to their artistic works, such as novels, poems, and video games. They can also prevent unauthorized parties from using their ideas and creations.

  1. Corporate Lawyer

If you have watched a television show about the world’s largest companies, you probably associate the corporate lawyer with a high-powered attorney representing large organizations in a fancy suit. However, this stereotype is not necessarily true. Instead, these lawyers can also represent smaller businesses and individuals.

The corporate lawyers representing the largest companies in the world work at large law firms. Most corporate lawyers work at smaller firms, referred to as “mid-size” or “average-sized” firms. The scope of corporate law is still the same.

The corporate lawyer is responsible for representing a company in negotiating, reviewing, and drafting various corporate contracts and agreements. This practice area ensures that a company follows its legal obligations while protecting its rights.